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Feathered Hook 2014 Fly Fishing has been very exciting.  A special thanks to all of our guest who joined us for some great fly fishing.  We’ve had some great times and caught some really great fish!  Guests from ages 5 to 92 were able to come join us and enjoy the great sport of fly fishing.  Feathered Hook’s  family friendly waters created some wonderful memories for everyone.

One particular day on the Salt River.  A father and son had cast their flies to the same rising fish.  The fish struck as their flies drifted together, both father and son came tight to the fish.  The fish was landed with both flies attatched!  It doesn’t get any better than that.  There were many special moments this season.  We are looking forward to many more to come. It is wonderful to see how fly fishing can bring such joy to families and friends.

We look forward to seeing some familiar faces again next year and maybe a few will come out during this magical fall time when epic brown’s come up the Salt River from Palisades Resevoir.  As of October 14 we are starting to see the Brown’s in the Salt river on the Spring Creek Meadows Property.

Thanks again to our guest for making 2014 a memorable season.  See you next year

Here are some of the great moments of the 2014 Feathered Hook  season: