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The Blue Fin Bite is on, and if you have been on any of the local boats targeting them you will quickly find out that the entire fleet is all within a mile of each other. Its insane out there with all the boats from OC and San Diego virtually playing Bumper Cars out there, they are that close. Not many of these wonderful sushi grade fish are being taken on live bait, and they also seem to be very line shy so make sure you have what they do like which are the new Shimano Flat Falls. You dont have to cast them, just drop down into the water, give it a 30 second count, stop and wind up, repeat. Guaranteed you will be one of the only one hooking up, with a huge advantage over anyone using the fly lined live baits right now. So before you book any of the boats make sure you stop by your favorite tackle shop and pick up a few of the 160g Flat Falls only by Shimano.

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